Google Apps Script in an iFrame: How to embed Google Apps Script in an iFrame?

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With all great difficulty and efforts you create a Google Apps Script Web App. And now you want that app to be embeddable by way of an iFrame like you do for other Google products like Sheets, Docs, Slides, etc. Well, this was not possible earlier. The exec file of the Web App that you created was not iFrame friendly hitherto. But now its possible. You can now modify the HtmlOutput class to set the XFrameOptionsMode from .DEFAULT to .ALLOWALL so that it becomes iFrame friendly.

You can see the BSE Sensex Web App functioning here as an independent single page Web App. Now, I am embedding the same App here as an iFrame. You can find it functioning here properly:

You can refer to the Google Developers Documentation for the above example:

function doGet() {
    return HtmlService.createTemplateFromFile('form.html')
        .evaluate() // evaluate MUST come before setting the Sandbox mode

However, I am reproducing the same iFrame in JSFiddle so that anybody can embed the same in their web pages. You are free to use and embed the same in your sites 🎉

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