Spiritual Leadership: How about activating for “Spiritual Intelligence”?

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What is Enlightened Leadership? 

Enlightened Leadership is a leadership of responsibility and freedom. Out of responsibility comes freedom and out of the freedom grows responsibility. It is a responsibility for the self, for the fellow human beings, for the society at large and for the whole of existence. The responsibility and freedom are two sides of the same phenomenon and are inter-related. One cannot exist without the other. They are like two sides of a coin. If one side of the coin is responsibility, the other side is freedom. The coin is complete and whole only when two sides are together. Therefore, a human being is a dual process of change. That is, when he takes the full responsibility for his personal change, he can attain to the ultimate freedom, and out of this freedom he becomes more and more responsible. Responsibility simply means being responsive in the moment. It is a capacity to respond. But we all expect freedom unconditionally. We don’t want responsibility and we want only freedom. We expect full freedom without any corresponding responsibility. We desire freedom without any corresponding accountability. The real freedom cannot exist that way and such freedom is not really free. Responsibility and freedom are, therefore, interconnected, interdependent, interwoven, and inseparable twins. They are two dimensions of the same existence. They are two polarities of the same phenomenon. They are two reflections of the same reality. No coin can really exist with only one side. The coin is one and complete only when it’s two sides are accepted with equal importance and value. Accepting only one side is lopsided and will create an imbalance. 

The mystery of the whole existence is that it is a perfect balance. Life is like a wave with equal crests and troughs. And the existence is like a circle. The reality is like a perfect wave embedded in a perfect circle. Therefore, the whole life is the art of a tight rope walker. To me, this is the true Art of Living and not the Art of Leaving. 

A Natural Example of the Mystery 

The best example of an inner change is that of a fluttering butterfly. The metamorphosis of a butterfly from an egg to a cocoon, and finally to a beautiful butterfly, is an example of a spiritual symbol for an individual who is on a journey of personal change and personal victory. It is a great scientific truth that the DNA of a caterpillar is not same as that of the DNA of a transformed butterfly. The butterfly actually has nothing of the caterpillar. The whole past is dead now. For the first time the butterfly attains to an unlimited freedom. The freedom of the caterpillar was a limited one. It can only move from one leaf to another leaf. It can’t even jump. Whereas the butterfly can now fly. The very flutter of its wings for the first time is a great joy. It can now fly from one flower to another flower. It is now in a totally different space. The caterpillar was actually an eating machine. It was just eating and eating and eating. Whereas the butterfly now sips only nectar from different flowers. And compared to its earlier state its joy and freedom are totally of a different world. To get to this state it undergoes a great change. It undergoes a great synthesis, a great transformation, and a great metamorphosis. The art and science of embarking on this great change, an inner change, and an inner mutation is called an Enlightened Leadership. This is exactly where Charles Dickens says, “I only ask to be free. The butterflies are free”

Wish you a great success on this ultimate journey of joy and freedom. Let the joy of that victory be just yours!! The ultimate goal of Enlightened Leadership is to: LEARN TO LEAD AND LEAD TO LEARN BETTER. With love 💕


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