Accidental Universe Vs. Spiritual Universe: Are we a consequence of an Accident? What about the Free Will?

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Are we a consequence of an accident? Is it really a big thought or a big flaw? If the whole universe has emerged just as an accident out of the universal laws of existence then the universal laws are meaningless. What is the meaning of the universal laws which only create an accident?

What is the use of riding a horse if it is certainly going to meet with an accident? What is the use of driving a car if you certainly end up with an accident? What is the use of a driving school, driving teacher, and driving license? What is the use of distinguishing between a good driver and a bad driver? What is the use of a scale? The theory of relativity is also a big measuring scale, is it not? And this scale too dies at the heart of a black hole.

Just look at the whole cosmos? Just see how systematically it is arranged and organized itself? It is a cosmos and not chaos. There is an order. There is a system. There is a symphony. There is beauty. There is grandeur.

Just think for a while that the whole universe is like a mirror and we all are just reflections of the mirror. Now just stand before the mirror and look at yourself. If you are healthy the mirror will reflect your health. If you are sick the mirror will reflect your sickness. If you are sad the mirror will reflect your sadness. And if you are happy the mirror will reflect your happiness. This is why Werner Heisenberg has said that our universe is a participating universe. It all depends on us and not on the universe. This is the reason why Krishna has said in the Bhagavad Gita that the universe has both demonic and divine qualities. It is a mystery of the universe that it reflects you as you are just like the mirror.

Western scientists have always been speaking on various dimensions of the universe but they are missing on this subjective dimension of the universe. Eastern scientists (Rishis, Sages) have always been speaking on this subjective dimension of the universe. Buddha has even gone to the extent of saying that your world is your own world. The world exists only because of you. The world has no meaning without you. Only you can give meaning to your own world. And when you don’t exist what really exists is pure Nothingness or Nirvana.

Let us contemplate on the following quotes of great ones:

Albert Einstein says, “As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.”

Werner Heisenberg says, “It will never be possible by pure reason to arrive at some absolute truth.”

And my humble opinion is that we have to move from the objective universe to the subjective universe. There is another space-time object, called the mind universe. And this universe is composed of very tiny objects called thoughts. They travel faster than light. Of course, they are more intangible than the particles of the objective universe. And this mind universe also has four dimensions. The past, the present, and the future are the three spatial dimensions. And time is the fourth dimension. The dimension of the past is the dimension of our memories. The dimension of the future is the dimension of our imaginations. And the present is the dimension of our present time. This very moment of our breathing and living. This very moment while I am writing this blog. This very moment of you reading this blog. And the movement of these thoughts in the mind gives rise to the illusion of time. The moving mind is time. The moving thoughts are the space. This is our psychological universe. This is our mind-universe. The movement of thoughts in the space of the mind creates our subjective universe. And this universe has its own relativity. This universe gives us the relative perspective of four types of consciousness. The waking body gives the perspective of waking consciousness, the dreaming body gives the perspective of dreaming consciousness, the dreamless body gives the perspective of a dreamless consciousness. And all these three are within the ambit of the time. There is a fourth body called the awakened body. This body gives us the experience of the awakened consciousness. Now, this experience is not part of the dimension of time. In this dimension, the thoughts are ceased and hence it gives us the experience of timelessness. In this very moment, the mind transcends all its boundaries of space and time, of the past and the future. And for the first time, the mind experiences freedom from the past and the future. And for the first time, the mind comes out of the past conditioning and experiences enormous freedom. This mind I am calling the no-mind. And this mind can certainly act out of free will 😉

And this universe I am calling a spiritual universe. The above subjective theory of relativity governs this universe. I am calling it the theory of consciousness. Let me put it in a mathematical form. The equation is C=EM^2. In this C means Consciousness, E means Energy (Thought Energy), and M means Mindfulness or Meditation. M is the constant of meditation. This equation helps us in transforming our thoughts into the consciousness. Thought is matter, and matter is energy. So with the help of this equation thought energy and consciousness are interconvertible. And the resulting consciousness is not a matter. It is not an energy. It is not a force. According to the Mandukya Upanishad, whatever you can think of is not the Consciousness. It can not be measurable. It is not experimental. It is experiential. It is an individual subjective experience. And this experience is part of that spiritual universe 👋

Alan Paige Lightman The Accidental Universe

Alan Paige Lightman is a brilliant American physicist, writer, and social entrepreneur. He has served on the faculties of Harvard University and MIT. He has written a beautiful book - The Accidental Universe: The World You Thought You Know. I scanned through the book. I wish to read it thoroughly. I have done a nice book review at two places. You can buy the same at Google Books and Amazon. It's a book worth reading for all those who are curious to know about our mysterious Universe. I finally agree with Alan that we are living in a universe uncalculable by science.

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