A Mathematical Expression of Enlightened Leadership

I was just wondering if Enlightened Leadership can really be expressed by way of a mathematical expression. An object is a subset of the subject. There is no reason why it can not be expressed. There has to be a way to express it mathematically. The whole objective reality can be expressed mathematically. I really do not find a problem anywhere.

There are two dimensions to the existence. One is a horizontal dimension that exists in time. The whole of history, Itihasas, and the Puranas are part of it. And all these are full of symbolic and non-symbolic expressions. The other is a vertical dimension which does not exist in time. No matter we do what, this can never be expressed in terms of mathematics. This can be expressed only by way of metaphors. The Vedas and Upanishads are expressions of this timeless dimension.

It is utterly wrong to say that the door of the divine does not exist for a person who thinks in terms of mathematics. No, existence does not behave it that way. There has to be a door to each person in the existence. Each person has his own way to the divine. Therefore, a mathematical person should also have his own way. Krishna talks of Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, and Bhakti Yoga in the Bhagavad Geeta. In the same way there has to be a way to the divine for the lovers of mathematics.

Numbers to Nirvana, there must be a way. Pythagoras, in ancient Greece, reaches to that goal through mathematics. Aryabhatta 2, in ancient India, reaches to that goal through mathematics. There has to be a way.

The modern science has reached to a very interesting stage today. In the classical physics, a physicist and a mathematician were needed to explain the reality. And today, as we have entered into a quantum world and trying to peep beyond, a new thing has emerged. The physicist and the mathematician have found their own different ways to explain the reality. They are saying that they can explain the reality in their own unique individual ways. And there is no need to explain the reality by them jointly. Today they think that each one can say the reality separately and independently.

Keeping this aspect in mind, I am trying to give a mathematical expression to Enlightened Leadership. The formula for the same can be given in the following way:

Enlightened Leadership is a function of two components {f(E, L)}, Enlightenment and Leadership. Enlightenment is a domain of Enlightened Consciousness. It is a domain of higher consciousness and higher awareness. It starts in time and ends in no time. It is on a vertical plane. It moves on the vertical dimension. The second component is that of Leadership. It is part of an outward action. It is being part of the outer world. It is participating in the world of actions. It works on the horizontal plane. It belongs to the horizontal dimension. And, therefore, it is part of the history, Itihasa, and Purana. This belongs to the world of time. And we all know that the history has taken note of many great leaders. And there is always a possibility of a great leadership in time.

It appears to us that all that has happened in the history has happened in time. And there is some proof to this. And all that has not happened in time appears that it is part of the world of mythology and myth. It appears to us that it has not happened actually. And there is no proof to prove that.

This function of Enlightened Leadership, {f(E,L)}, has the limitations of time from zero (0) to infinity (∞). All our actions should move from the time to the timeless. The time is both objective and subjective. It is not absolute, as it was being thought by Newton. After Albert Einstein, the time is relative. It is objective and subjective. When we are happy the same time appears passing off very quickly. And when we are sad the same time appears not passing off very quickly. It gives us the experience of a relative perspective. And this time is not objective and it is rather subjective.

The Enlightened Leadership is for the now. It is not of the then. It is in the moment. It is part of the present. It is here and now. It is not there and then. If zero is for the past, then infinity is for the future. And the truth or reality is in the present. It is in the moment. It is now. If the past is responsible for the present, then with the same analogy the present will also be responsible for the future. And when the future arrives, it truly arrives as the present. We can just refer to the past as a reference, and bring all our actions to the present, and make the future as a by-product of the present. Enlightened Leadership has to work in the now to be more effective and sustainable.
In the ancient knowledge of the East there were two terms - Shunya and Ananta. And these were not objective. They were subjective. And mathematics was not yet born. These two concepts were like the present concepts of mathematics, that is, zero and infinity. In mathematics, the credit for creating zero number (smallest positive number possible) goes to the East. Aryabhatta 2 struggled very hard to bring this number and notation in mathematics. Though we had this concept called Ananta, we were not able to introduce a mathematical notation or number for a big number. And the credit for this goes to the West. It was John Wallis who first used the notation for infinity. This is how the world of mathematics has come within these two concepts, zero and infinity. In mathematics zero stands for the smallest positive number and infinity stands for the largest positive number. And in between these two lies the world of mathematics and numbers. The initial terms that we used in the scriptures - Shunya and Ananta, did not mean zero and infinity in mathematical terms. They simply meant something so small that we can not even think of and something so big that we can not even think of. They both were part of the timeless dimension. They were part of the no-mind state. They were part of the transcendental. And they both meant the same thing. And Enlightenment could be possible in both the ways. The concept of Shunya was for the people who were introvert by nature. And the concept of Ananta was for the people who were extrovert by nature. The introvert expresses the truth in an absolute way of the “No”. And an extrovert expresses the truth in an absolute way of the “Yes”. And let me tell you that they both are right in their own way and the only thing is that their expressions are different. Let us take an example. Buddha expresses the ultimate truth in the way of an absolute non-existence. His emphasis is on the “No”. And Krishna expresses the ultimate truth in the way of an absolute existence. And his emphasis is on the “Yes”. In their expressions there is an experience of unification and oneness. There is no duality. There is absolute singularity. And all their expressions are that of Ekam, Advitium (the non-dual). All components of the existence are part of the Supreme Consciousness. They all have emerged from it, and they all will eventually merge and become one with it. And Enlightened Consciousness is an experience of this oneness.

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