Happy Women’s Day!!

Happy Women’s Day!!

You were Shiva’s Shakti.
You were Vishnu’s Lakshmi.
You were Rama’s Sita.
You were Krishna’s Radha.

You have taken many Avatars.
You have played many roles.

When needed you became Durga.
When needed you became Chandi.
When needed you became Kali.

You also helped the God’s to destroy the evil.

How many Avatars you have?

You are a mother. You are a sister.
You are a wife. You are a friend.
You are many more in just one.

Past times are past times.
You are nothing less in the modern times.

You take care of the home - a sweet home.
You take care of the kids.
You take care of the office work.
You maintain harmony between the home and the office.

You are a woman and yet you have achieved the highest.

You excelled in art. You excelled in science.
You excelled in technology. You excelled in politics.
And you also excelled in spirituality.

A man is incomplete without a woman.
A man is half without a woman.

You are not a robot and not a machine.
Because, you have the highest Emotional Quotient.

How do you do all this? Amazing!!

You are truly an “Ardhanarishvara”.
And you are a woman of substance.

To all women, all over the world.
A Happy International Women’s Day!!

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