Politics, Kedarnath, Meditation, Election Code of Conduct, and NaMo. A clarion call !!

After an intense political campaigning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has landed in Kedarnath for some relaxation, reflection, and meditation. As usual the Twitter is full of praise and criticism, both.

There is a very meaningful statement from Buddha. He said, “there was never ever a person, there is never ever a person, and there will never ever a person who will be 100% praised or 100% criticized”. This will never happen because we live in proportions. We are a blend of the three Gunas - Rajas, Tamas, and Satva. Each one has his own proportion and a scope for improvement. We are all on the path of Perfection.

In the Hindu Mythology, both the Suras and Asuras had their Gurus. Sage Shukracharya was the Guru of the Asuras. He was also known as Asuracharya (Acharya - teacher, of the Asuras). So, praise and criticism are two opposite forces that help develop a human being. They help us evolve into a better human being. Just look in Bollywood!! We have a Critics Award there. So criticism is needed for an evolution - for better evolution of the people and their systems. The views and counter-views are needed, are essential, and are very much part of our democratic set-up. Because of this, in our ancient tradition we had this concept of Shastrartha - a spiritual debate to take care of the views and counter-views on the path of spirituality. All perspectives are needed to explore the existential reality. That is why India is the most plural society in the whole world with so many diverse cultures and religions co-existing together. In mathematics, every problem may have different methods to arrive at the same solution. In the same way, the goal in spirituality is one but the methods can be many, the paths can be many, the faiths can be many.

Why Meditation?

There is something that we can do from our side. This is the story of our side. The doing is in our hands. And nothing is possible without doing. If the goal is the being, even that being is also not possible without doing. And the outcome is not in our hands. The happening is not in our hands. The happening is a consequence of our doing or not doing. The relationship between doing and happening is not linear. It rather appears to be circular. What can we do? We can put the best foot forward. This is what we can do. Explore: What is Doing and Being?

Why Prayer?

This is what we do after all the meditation. Prayer is to wish for the best happening. Prayer is to wish for the best outcome. And this has to be coupled with doing. Prayer has to be coupled with Meditation. And without doing, without meditation, all our prayer is useless and meaningless. All prayer is for right action and right meditation. And all prayer is for the right outcome of that action and meditation.

In Japan, there are two approaches to Meditation. One is called Zen, which is a part of the Doing. And there is Zazen, which is part of the Being. In Zen we do everything possible, methodically, systematically and scientifically. And in Zazen we simply wait with utter patience for the Being to happen. So Zen is part of the Doing, and Zazen is part of the Non-doing or Being or Happening.

Well, the opposition is free to criticize. The Election Commission of India will any way take their own view on the poll code violation based on the law and facts. And as far as the outcome of the general elections is concerned, we have to wait with our fingers crossed till 23rd May 2019. And till then, Har Har Mahadev! Om Namo Shivaya!!

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